Bamboo Spark

10 Bamboo Spark’s facts

Ce n’est pas les Chuck Norris’s facts, mais la page Bamboo Community a fourni 10 facts sur la Bamboo Spark. On vous fait un copier-coller.

  1. Bamboo Spark supports virtually every kind of paper. Its active area is the same size as an A5 notebook (148 x 210 mm / 5.8 x 8.2 in.) We recommend limiting the paper pad you’re using to 5 mm or thinner for the best performance.
  2. Bamboo Spark only works with its included Bamboo Smart Pen. The pen uses a unique ink cartridge that can be purchased in the Wacom estore. Its ink is that of a regular ballpoint pen ink.
  3. You’ll have to download the Bamboo Spark app for iOS or Android to digitize the pen-and-paper notes you take with the smart folio.
  4. Once you’ve captured your notes, you can export them to Evernote or Dropbox or via e-mail. They can then be edited in Bamboo Paper and other digital note taking apps.
  5. Lefties can simply flip the Spark for reoriented use.
  6. Bamboo Spark picks up 1024 levels of pressure.
  7. Yes, we will introduce vector and OCR soon.
  8. The Bamboo Spark stores up to 100 notes locally. Push a button to move them to the Bamboo Spark app on your favorite paired mobile device.
  9. The Bamboo Spark app allows you to separate your notes just in case you forgot to push the Bamboo Spark button.
  10. Three versions are available: Bamboo Spark with Gadget Pocket to fit your phone and business cards,  The Bamboo Spark with Tablet Sleeve to fit most tablets, and the Bamboo Spark Snap-Fit that’s designed specifically for iPad Air 2.

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