Wacom & Windows 8

Le site Wacom, a lancé un message Presse, ce vendredi, destiné aux utilisateurs de Windows 8. C’est en anglais, donc…

« With the announcement of Windows 8 all currently available Wacom tablets and displays support the new operating system. Customers will benefit especially from the intuitive and natural ways to navigate and work when using multi-touch products such as those from the Bamboo range, Intuos5 touch and Cintiq 24HD touch. Swiping between start screen and desktop, opening charms and switching applications by using gestures are only a few of the new options provided with Windows 8. For pen only tablets and displays the Windows 8 experience is equally as good as it is on Windows 7.

For access to these new features and more, download the new driver software from the Wacom website starting on November 2nd. For details please review the Customer Care Website. »

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