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Wacom Signature Solutions propose un nouveau bundle avec une application appelée Sign Pro PDF (compatible Windows 8) et bien sûr une tablette. Au choix DTU-1031, STU 530 ou STU 430.

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The printing of documents for hand-written signing is time-consuming and expensive.
It takes printers, toner, paper and time. The more efficient solution is to integrate the
signature into a digital workflow.
As a market leader with more than 30 years of experience, Wacom offers with Signature Set a solution that makes the advantages of digital workflow usable for small and medium-sized businesses.
The sign pro PDF software allows the electronic capture of hand-written signatures and their integration into PDF documents. sign pro PDF has already proved highly effective in a wide range of applications and enables you to create, edit and sign PDF documents from almost any Windows application. The software captures not only the visible image of the signature on the pad or display, but also invisible biometric data such as pressure, flow and speed. The document and the signature cannot be subsequently altered and, therefore, are secure. The document can then be saved, printed or sent.
The second component part of the set is the hardware. You can choose between three different products:
The DTU-1031 signature display can be used to display full-page documents in stationary applications and as an additional monitor, e.g. for showing ads or videos. You can also fill in standard forms; attach hand-written comments, information, memos or notes to documents; and even add details to free-hand drawings in documents.
With the STU-530, you are choosing a compact sign pad with a high-resolution LCD colour display. It captures not only your customer’s signature, but can also be used to show ads, e.g. your company logo, when the pad is not being used for signing.
The STU-430 Signature Pad is the ideal solution for all newcomers to digital signature capture. It is inexpensive and rugged, and stands up to frequent daily use.

All Wacom Signature Sets are compatible with Windows 8.1.

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