Nabi DreamTab HD8 feel it à fond

Fuhu (c’est une société japonaise) a annoncé qu’elle utilise  les Feel IT technologies pour son produit, la nabi DreamTab HD8. C’est une tablette pour enfant qui utlise un stylet.


On a lu ça dans le dossier de presse de Wacom. Tiens, on vous fait le copier-coller.

June 30, 2014 (Tokyo, Japan) — Wacom Co., Ltd., today announced that Fuhu, Inc. has adopted Wacom® feel IT technologies (branded feel™) for their newly launched tablet, nabi DreamTab HD8. Developed from the ground-up in collaboration with DreamWorks Animation, the nabiDreamTab HD8 will mark the first tablet specifically designed for kids to be equipped with a high-precision digital stylus, the Dream Pen™.


A powerful game changer in the tablet space, the nabi DreamTab HD8taps into Fuhu’s expertise in kids technology products and experiences and DreamWorks Animation’s world-class artists, filmmakers and innovators to provide an unmatched suite of digital activities and tools that help kids unlock their potential with the technology they deserve and the DreamWorks characters they love.

« nabi DreamTab HD8 was built for kids to help harness the traits and skill sets that come from learning how to be creative and we wanted to provide the best technology to help kids achieve their full creative potential,” said Jim Mitchell, CEO of Fuhu. “Incorporating a high-precision digital stylus technology from Wacom, similar technology that the industry professionals use, kids have the most advanced tool for compelling creativity experiences to explore their imagination and foster their skills in drawing, illustrating and animating.”

One of the nabi DreamTab HD8’s signature features will be its creativity experience. The Wacom’s high-precision digital stylus technology is fully integrated into these programs, enabling kids to animate, illustrate and create a story. The pressure-sensitive pen detects strokes, allows palm rejection and let kids draw, sketch, and animate with the artistic control of traditional art tools.

Hidetoshi Kamoto, head of Wacom’s Component Business Unit said, “We are excited to bring our advanced digital stylus to this groundbreaking device, and feel honored to help Fuhu deliver to kids a whole new dimension in creating the most engaging, intuitive and creative mobile computing experience.”

By promoting the adoption of feel in a variety of mobile devices, Wacom strives to support our leading industry partners in making the world a more creative place with its digital pen sensor systems.

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