Digital Stationery Consortium et Digital ink au CES

Wacom lors du CES de Las Vegas a multiplié les Press Releases sur le sujets cités dans notre titre : Digital Stationery Consortium et Digital ink. Voir la page dédiée.

Annoncé en mars avril 2016, le stylet universel Microsoft parle encore de lui, mais on n’a pas encore d’image. On parle de « dernières touches finales » quant à ce stylet, qui appartiendra à la gamme Bamboo Stylus, puisqu’il utilisera aussi la techno Active Es de Wacom (un jour, on vous fera un récapitulatif de toutes les technos pour stylet de Wacom).

Le copier coller du texte : Wacom Putting Final Touches on New Bamboo Stylus that will Support Both Active ES(TM) Pen and Microsoft Pen Protocols

Wacom Co., Ltd announced today that the company is developing a new stylus capable of using both Wacom’s own Active ES™ Pen protocol and Microsoft Pen Protocol.

The new stylus, which will be released under the Bamboo brand, is the first result of collaboration between Wacom and Microsoft based on the licensing agreement in March 2016. Incorporating the two leading pen protocols, the stylus will offer the broadest compatibility on the Windows market, enabling users to alternate seamlessly between multiple pen-equipped devices with a click and tap into ink applications including Windows Ink.

Styli have continued to gain popularity, amid growing recognition of their potential for improving productivity and creativity with mobile devices. Targeting this market, Wacom has since 2014 shipped its Active ES Pen solutions for a range of OEM customers.  Microsoft has been actively promoting ink with Windows devices and this culminated in Windows Ink in 2016, where styli play a primary role for creating and manipulating content.  Both companies concur the potential of digital ink and pen have in store for us.

“As more devices come onto the market equipped with styli and a broadening array of  ink solutions emerge, it is vital to stay focused on the customer experience. The new stylus can be used seamlessly across devices, enabling the user to take advantage of digital ink solutions such as Windows Ink,” said Mike Gay, SVP in charge of Wacom’s Consumer Business Unit.

Aute Press release : Montblanc, Samsung Join The Digital Stationery Consortium at Board Level

On avait déjà parlé du produit MontBlanc qui reprenait la techno du digital Ink pour Bamboo spart/Slate/Folio (MontBanc Augmented Paper). Que Samsung soit là aussi, c’est normal, vu que Wacom fournit les S-Pen pour les Galaxy S et les Galaxy boom boom Note. Et puis, Zzzzzz, Samsung possède 5% de Wacom depuis plus de 2 ans (ça doit fait 2 ans et demi qu’on l’écrit d’ailleurs). Maintenant Digital Stationery Consortium est appelé DSC dans les Press Releases. C’est plus court…

Le copier coller du texte :

In an effort to speed up innovation in the fast-growing digital ink technology market, the Digital Stationery Consortium, Inc. (DSC)today announced that industry heavyweights, Samsung and Montblanc have joined the DSC at the Contributor level, the first tier of membership in the organization. Together, with founding member Wacom, the DSC’s goal is to establish digital stationery as a new market category, a huge step forward toward the era of seamless, high-quality digital pen and ink experiences that transform entire industries and bring new levels of productivity and creativity to billions of people around the world.

The DSC, the premier organization for promoting the accelerated growth of the digital ink ecosystem, will welcome Montblanc and Samsung to its Board of Directors and present on the digital ink ecosystem at Wacom’s Connected Ink event, in Las Vegas, on Jan. 6, 2017.

The DSC is also accepting applications for the Promoter level, the second tier of membership, which will account for the large part of the organization.

“DSC’s membership growth reflects the overall acknowledgment of the essential role digital ink technology continues to play in harnessing the power of digital pens and digital ink,” said Masahiko Yamada, DSC chairman, and president and CEO of Wacom. “We’re pleased to welcome Samsung and Montblanc. Their innovation and experience will help the DSC create a world where everyone can freely capture, shape and share new ideas beyond the boundaries of technology, operating systems, ecosystems, industries or countries.”

As part of the DSC, members will work to establish digital ink as universal, open and smart content format based on the Wacom Ink Layer Language (WILL™). WILL’s digital ink technology ensures cross-compatibility of ink data, allowing businesses and consumers to freely communicate and collaborate across digital devices, operating systems, hardware platforms and cloud services.

Global leader and award-winning innovator Samsung Electronics Co., well known for its commitment to advancing stylus and digital ink technologies: “We are thrilled to be working with such a dynamic, cutting edge association. The DSC provides unparalleled opportunities to take the digital ink market to the next level,” said Peter Koo, senior vice president and head of the Technology Strategy Team, Mobile Communications at Samsung Electronics. “We are looking forward to working with our distinguished members to create digital ink advancement opportunities for the benefit of the society and the industry.”

Montblanc, the German Maison known for its writing instruments, timepieces, leather goods and jewellery, joins the DSC to establish digital ink as universal, open and smart content format: “The DSC’s vision — to make digital ink a seamless user experience — is one we share at Montblanc, » said Dr. Felix Obschonka, associate director new technologies, Montblanc. “As the world has become more digital, advancements in ink and pen technologies have become essential to navigating augmented worlds. We look forward to being part of DSC’s efforts to drive the coming digital ink evolution.

Dernière Press Release : Wacom Hosts Connected Ink Las Vegas to Facilitate Open Ecosystem, Partnerships and Communities around Digital Stationery

On rappelle que le 1er événement sur le DSC avait eu lieu à Las Vegas de mémoire pour la remise des prix du Inkathon.

Le copier coller du texte :

After a series of successful Connected Ink events in 2016, in which as many as 200 companies participated during the year, the event is back to Las Vegas again to start its second year. The focus of this year’s Connected Ink Las Vegas is to further accelerate digitization and transformation in the realm of pen, paper and ink to enhance human creativity and productivity, leveraging the latest technologies. In light of the establishment of Digital Stationery Consortium, Inc. in this past October, the Connected Ink also emphasizes relevance of open ecosystem, partnerships and communities, as part of the initiatives by the consortium.

Following the message by Wacom’s President and CEO Masahiko Yamada outlining the power of cross-industry collaboration and human creativity, Dr.Ken Perlin, Professor of Computer Science at New York University will talk under the theme of “A writing system from the future.” After Dr. Perlin, executives from leading companies such as Microsoft, Montblanc and NeuroSky will introduce their vision for digital pen and ink. Also, Nobutaka Ide, Wacom’s SVP in charge of Technology Solution Business Unit will give a glimpse of Wacom’s collaboration with various partner companies in digital ink, ranging from hardware companies to software and services.

Open innovation is another driving force of digital stationery. Faik Karaoglu, SVP of Platform & Application Business Unit and Heidi Wang, VP for Technology Marketing, will introduce Wacom’s initiatives for developer and startup to drive innovation. One of the most entertaining parts of the event will be “Inkathon Finalists Pitches,” where seven finalists of Inkathon (“Ink” + “Hackathon”) across the globe will present their masterpieces to the jury panel in front of the audience. The Inkathon finalist teams are SounDoodle (Israel), Canvas Earth (Israel), Cheatsheet (Hong King), Deep Question (Singapore), Doodle the web (Singapore), ArduWrite (Bulgaria) and Ink Analyzer (India).

There will be an update on the Digital Stationery Consortium, Inc., where the board members of the organization are introduced, and Masahiko Yamada will speak as Chairman of the Consortium. Other Connected Ink events to follow later this year are also revealed; Shanghai, China (June), Berlin, Germany (September) and Tokyo, Japan (October).

Voilà notre résumé des Press Releases sortis lors du CES de Las Vegas.

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