Bamboo Fineline, nouvelle gamme


Wacom annonce un nouveau modèle de Bamboo Fineline. Mais en fait, il s’agit d’une nouvelle gamme avec un nouveau design. Le modèle Bamboo Fineline 2, présent encore sur le site, est sorti l’année dernière. On en avait parlé là. Là, il s’agit d’un nouveau modèle, qui s’appelle Bamboo Fineline (pas 2). Exactement c’est Bamboo Fineline, gamme 2. Le nouveau site est là.  Cette gamme 2 remplace donc le Bamboo Fineline 2. Cherchez pas. De toute façon, le budget Ads & Promo sera rétréci dans le prochain budget de Wacom, histoire de faire des économies.

La nouvelle gamme 2 avec les 4 coloris.’Faut aimer le bleu. on notera le presque « Bleu Vincenwoo ».


La pointe.


L’accroche avec la lumière LED.


La recharge.


Vous pouvez voir la nouvelle gamme 2 du Bamboo Fineline, qui ressemble à un Wacom Pen de Smartpad avec une accroche de Bamboo Alpha 1 sur cette video. De toute façon, c’est le même principe. Certaiment, 1024 niveaux de pression avec une recharge par câble micro-USB. Poids 18 gramme et toujours un diamètre de la pointe de 1,9 mm. Fonctionne avec des apps compatibles  : Goodnotes, ZoomNotes, Autodesk SketchBook, Concepts, et Bamboo Paper. Plus tard : ArtRage, MediBang Paint, NotesPlus, and Noteshelf.

Pour faire apparâtre la mine, il faut le tourner sur son axe comme pour le Wacom Pen.


La Press Release, qui recase le Bamboo Omni.

2016 Holiday gift idea: Personalize your daily digital communication with the new Bamboo Fineline

From drawing on a Snapchat pic, to handwriting and taking notes on your iPhone or iPad, our favorite apps and devices are catching up with the growing desire to personalize our digital interactions. The new Bamboo Fineline is the perfect tool to add that personal touch by offering an effortless and natural writing experience on our favorite touchscreen devices.

Tokyo, November 15, 2016 – Our handwriting is our fingerprint on the world. It’s our way of making our mark. And yet our day-to-day digital communications are stuck in Calibri typeface and Power Point SmartArt. Bamboo Fineline is ideal for those who want to up their digital game. The fine tip smart stylus announced today is the third generation Wacom specifically designed for iOS. Paired with a compatible app on a Bluetooth® enabled iPad or iPhone, Bamboo Fineline offers improved precision, palm rejection and pressure sensitivity while the customizable shortcut button allows quick access to a range of functions.
“Bamboo Fineline is the premium pen for the person on your list who transitions from sketch noting, note taking and visual communication at work, to DIY projects like hand lettering, calligraphy or sketching at home,” says Mike Gay, Senior Vice President for Wacom’s consumer products business unit. The stylus has been fully integrated into leading note taking and sketching apps including Goodnotes, ZoomNotes, Autodesk SketchBook, Concepts, and Bamboo Paper. More apps like ArtRage, MediBang Paint, NotesPlus, and Noteshelf are coming soon.

For the Techy Trekker: Bamboo Omni
Wacom’s range of fine tip styli also includes the Bamboo Omni announced earlier this year. This smart pen works on most iOS and Android touchscreen devices and offers a fast, mobile handwriting solution to anyone who wants to personalize their digital work and play. Bamboo Omni is perfect for those who transition from their phones to their tablets over the course of a day, an hour, or a minute. Turn on the Omni and you’re ready to mark up a PDF, add your signature, or add your artistic touch to a WhatsApp, Facebook or SnapChat pic.

Pricing and Availability
Bamboo Fineline is compatible with all iPad generations from the iPad 3 onwards, including iPad Air and iPad Mini (excludes 9.7 in iPad Pro) and introduces the Wacom quality fine tip pen experience to the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. The stylus is priced at $59.95 (USD) and will be available for everyone on your Christmas list on Wacom’s online store in select regions and select retailers starting in late November. For more information, please visit the product page at:
Bamboo Omni is compatible with most touchscreen devices. It is priced at $49.95 (USD) and will be available on Wacom’s online store in select regions and select retailers starting in November. Learn more about Bamboo Omni here:


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